Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letters for your Restaurant, Office Building, Hospital, or any Commercial Building or Facility

Channel letters are an extremely popular choice for creating an eye-catching display that stands out from your building and identifies your business, brand, or restaurant.

Cut to your choice of font or even to outline your logo or graphics, these letters bring a 3-dimensional style and individuality to your commercial or residential building.

Channel letters are designed to catch the eye by standing out, away from your building. They can be cut to any design: outline of your business logo or graphics or other images that complement your business name and brand. These letters can also be electrically wired for lighting with LED illumination systems, creating a dramatic and bright effect.

Businesses in malls all across America use channel letters to set their name apart from the rest.

Fabricated Aluminum Channel Letters can get your name up in lights with a style and individuality all your own.

The possibilities are limitless, with any number of lighting combinations, colors and configurations to fit your channels letters to your specifications.

Face-Lighted Channel Letters can incorporate many different Plexiglas combinations to produce solid color, day/night color reversals, and exposed neon effects.

Back-Lighted Channel Letters are an elegant use of channel letters. These metal face letters are lighted internally from behind, producing halos of light which outline your logo and copy elements.

Back-Light/ Face-Light Combinations are the best of both worlds! You can enjoy the spectacular color effects of face-lighted letters and highlight these effects with a glowing halo of color. Many restaurants and businesses choose to light up their logos with this eye catching configuration.

Our custom Channel Letters aren’t just for text! We can convert logos and designs of all shapes and sizes into the channel letter format of your choice.

Channel letters are the perfect choice to provide signs for buildings, shopping malls, restaurants and other commercial and residential buildings where you want your name to stand out, even a great distance, any time of day or night.