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Awnings, Canopies, Umbrellas, Structural Awnings, Metal Canopies, Retractable Awnings and More.

Contact us today to design and install your custom awning product.

Awnings, Canopies, Umbrellas, Structural Awnings, Metal Canopies, Retractable Awnings and More.

Contact us today to design and install your custom awning product.

Philadelphia Signs & Awnings is a Philadelphia based commercial sign & awning company. We have been providing Philadelphia and the surrounding areas with quality custom awning and canopies for over thirty years. Our high quality affordable awning products are custom designed to meet the exact specifications of your retail Store, Hotel, Office Building, Sports Facility, Casino, apartment building or any facility or area that need awnings or structural coverings of any kind.

Philadelphia Signs & Awnings builds architectural quality structural awnings, metal or glass canopies as well as more traditional fabric style awnings and structures. Our structural awnings and metal canopies are value engineered utilizing the highest quality and up to date materials to meet and exceed any demand. They are professionally installed to meet your building requirements. Our fabric awning products utilize high quality Sunbrella® and other fire rated Fabrics that are built to withstand the elements and look good for many years to come. We manufacture and install very high quality commercial grade retractable awnings that are rated for wind and can be easily approved by you building or community. Our stationary fabric covered awnings are build using extruded aluminum tubular framing and all fabrics are staples into place for a tight fitting smooth and durable finished look and feel. If it’s old fashioned charm your after we can create a look that will fit into any motif or environment.

We can also design your restaurant, commercial or residential building awning or canopy to adapt to the seasons, with flexible side panels. Known as winter vestibule enclosures, these outdoor vestibule enclosures are built to integrate with your awning or as a standalone room to allow you to maintain your outdoor dining space in the winter, or to create a lobby or vestibule area in your front entranceway that stops cold infiltration. Our winter vestibule enclosures are very high quality and will last many years. They can be covered in fabric or metal depending on the look you desire.

Do you want a high quality commercial grade awning for your beautiful home or need an awning for your deck, terrace or penthouse apartment? We specialize in high rise awning installations for residential or commercial use. These high-rise projects can be done for homes, rooftop bars or restaurants and many other applications that require a specialty awning and enclosure company.

We also have a full line of standing seam metal awning configurations to fit and commercial or residential need.

For a high quality structural awning, retractable awnings, pergolas, and retractable and stationary shade structures, fabric awning or canopies for your commercial or residential property, call on Philadelphia Signs & Awnings to supply the best solution for your awning or canopy project.


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Temporary Medical Building & Hospital Sidewalk Barriers

Our temporary sidewalk barriers are sturdy and temporary, Our custom made barriers can be made very quicklyand in any size needed. These very versatile barricades and barriers can be utilized for directional signs and canbe printed with large legible text that can be seen at a far distance. Our custom barricades can be used in parking lots for directional signs and barriers to show directions. Our barricades and barrier systems are made using non corrosive materials such as aluminum of galvanized steel. Our barriers have heavy removable bases. Our barriers can be printed with any message.

Medical Facility & Hospital Enclosures

Our temporary vestibules and free standing enclosures can be made quickly and can be installed on ant building our custom made enclosures can be used to extend an existing area and can be used as a barriers to protect a given area from the elements. Our custom enclosure structures can also be made free standing to provide additional temporary space for any medical or patient facility. Our installation teams are experienced professionals. We can also fabricate barrier or enclosure panels to connect to an esiting canopy to enclose the area and can be made to fit any building configuration. We provide seasonal, and temporary enclosures to New York City, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. We can also ship or deliver these enclosures to any state in the US including Washington, DC and Chicago.

Medical Facility & Hospital Canopies & Awnings

Free Standing Canopy and Awning Systems for hospitals and all medical facilities. We can manufacture and install free standing shade structures and free standing canopies that can be made and installed in a fast time frame so they can be ordered and erected in as little as ten working days and in some cases faster. Our free standing canopies provide shade and protection from the sun and rain If you need a temporary canopy made and install call us for fast and friendly service. We service New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Washington DC. Our canopies are well made safe structures that can be used to shade exterior waiting areas, medical facilities parking lots, and other areas were awnings and free standing canopies are needed.